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*OUT NOW* | Ashvin Mani Sharma / Calm Chor – Tech Twist [Vertikal Records]

We chat with Ashvin Mani Sharma a.k.a Calm Chor on his latest album release – Tech Twist!


Buy 'Tech Twist' off Beatport HERE!

UnMute:  Congratulations on such a fine release on Vertikal Records Give us some insight on Tech Twist, how and when was it produced, and the thought behind the tracks.

 AMS: Thanks guys… Well actually all this music was just lying around unreleased … All of these tracks have been played all over the world and tested on many dancefloors so i thought i should compile them into an album.

It’s like an alternate timeline of the past 5-6 years 🙂

Along with this another EP releases on Bass9 Records on the same day – ‘Keys To The Kingdom & Roundstone’. Click HERE to preview that!

UnMute:  How did you come to release on Vertikal Records? What’s your relationship with them and how did they hear of you?

AMS: Actually, Ash Roy introduced me to them, and they liked the stuff I sent across.

UnMute: What’s new in your studio setup?

AMS: My latest addition is the Korg Microsampler …. Totally loving it and using it everyday 🙂

UnMute:   Your top 5 tracks of the moment?


Falling Cows – Bando Pool

Kohra – Dream Machine

Calm Chor – Keys to theKingdom

Maharana – Hipnotic ( Ash Roy Remix)

Matador –  Spooks


Ashvin celebrates his album + ep launch this Sunday @ Cheri, New Delhi !