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*OUT NOW* | Praveen Achary – Space Machine (w/ Cid Inc Remix) [Replug]

Praveen Achary kicks off 2013 with a BANG!

With gigs across the country in 2012 and a new record label, JuiceBox coming up soon, the man is as busy as it gets.

Sunburn 2012

We chat with him about his latest release ‘Space Machine’ OUT NOW on RePlug – Support by – Guy J, Eelke Kleijn, King Unique, Hernan Cattaneo, Arjun Vagale and Marcelo Vasami among others!

1. Congratulations on your newly released EP “Space Machine” on Replug Records.  Tell us more about this release and your association with Henri (CID Inc)?

Thank you! I am super happy about how it’s turned out and it is a great way to kick off 2013. I had posted a snippet of this track on SoundCloud a while back and Henri commented on it saying it was cool, so I finished it up straight away and sent it across. The rest, is the result and I couldn’t have been more happy :). The feedback has been pouring in left, right & center and it’s all been positive. I’ve been talking to Henri (Cid Inc.) for a few years now, especially after I started playing a lot more of his stuff, even back during his Mashtronic days. We had a connection and always had good laughs during our chats. He came down to India in 2012 for a tour with sLick! but unfortunately we couldn’t meet, but hopefully this year we’ll be doing something together in India soon. 


2. What are your current favourite Record Labels?

Bedrock, microCastle, Baires, Replug, Tronic. I’m lucky to be associated with two of these, hopefully will be all five sometime in the future. I really enjoy all the labels I’ve been associated with through the years (Mirabilis, MakTub, Outside The Box Music).

3. What is your current Studio setup like?

Pretty mobile. It’s running off Ableton Live 8 (with a few favorite plugins & instruments) from a Macbook Pro with PreSonus Firebox & Samson Rubicons. Sometimes I just plug in my headphones instead and only use the monitors during mixing. I pull out the Novation ReMote SL keyboard once in a blue moon too. I’ve been using this setup for years and gotten used to the sound now, but I’m in the process of doing a complete revamp, with a couple of additions like the new Native Instruments Maschine and possibly a hardware synth.


4. We know the answer already, but what was your top gig in 2012?

Almost every gig leaves me with something special to remember, but I must say that the sunset slot at Krank 2012 along with the B2B with Vipul at TLR Cafe in Delhi were rather special.

Krank 2012                  Krank 2012, Goa, India


5. Finally, what’s coming up for you in the future in terms of releases? Also, tell us more about your fresh new imprint “Juicebox”.

My remix for “Eelke Kleijn – Flierefluiter” is due out on his label: Outside The Box Music. Plus Vipul & I just finished up a collaborative remix of “D-Eye – Pulse” for Darin Epsilon’s label: Perspectives Digital. Our debut collab track is an original named “Future Echoes”, which will be the first release on my label: Juicebox Music. All these bits will be out in February 2013. I’ve got a couple more remixes coming out on various labels through the year and some originals that are doing the rounds and are looking for a home.

Juicebox was announced in 2012 as an outlet for music that I’ve been pushing for years, but also is trying to tell the world that “Yes, we do listen & support it here in India as well”. The sound spectrum itself is quite wide, ranging from Deep House, Progressive to Techno, similar to what I play during my gigs & online sets (especially Juicebox on friskyRadio). There are plenty of other Indian artists doing great work and I want to give them a home-grown label they can be proud of and work with in the long run to build a better national scene. We’ve got signed music coming in from Indian artists like Vipul, Color Ray, AU, Tanseer (& more) along with international renowned artists like Santiago Garcia, Rikesto, Cactus Twisters and Rodrigo Mateo. We’ve got an even better future roster, but those names shall be revealed much later. It has taken some time to kick everything off, but I’d rather do it right than rush it.



SpaceMachine (w/ CID Inc Remix) is now out on BEATPORT – HERE

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MATADOR (Minus) India Tour + Surprise Interview

Recently voted 18th on the Resident Advisor “TOP LIVE ACTS 2012” list, MATADOR (Minus) played 2 gigs (Delhi and Bangalore) in a short India Tour along with Kohra, put together by Qilla records with a little support from us.

We caught up with the man himself along with Pig & Dan (Cocoon / Soma) for a quick chat just before their respective shows in Delhi!

Snippet of what went down at Kitty Su, Delhi


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