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*OUT NOW* | Sound Avtar – Alarm Symphony [POOTY CLUB]

Having recently signed to #UnMutePlus, SOUND AVTAR has been making monstrous waves in the Bass music scene! We have a chat with him about his latest release, Alarm Symphony and other stuff he’s upto!

Sound Avtar - Alarm Symphony

Sound Avtar – Alarm Symphony

1. Congratulations Piyush, on your latest release. Could you tell us more about your association with the label and Madoc?
Thanks. Really stoked for my debut release on “The Pooty Club Records”. I’ve been in touch with the label owner Dave from quite sometime now. I find this label has unique sounds on their past releases and i’ve been been playing quite a lot of stuff from their catalog  Me and Dave were constantly planning to put out a Sound Avtar 3 Track EP but due to my prior commitments it wasn’t possible so we instead agreed of putting up a single accompanying with a remix. I asked my very talented Dj/Producer friend Anuraag aka MADOC to do a remix and i think he aced it!


2.Tell us a little about your studio setup and the DAW/VST’s you use?

I have a simple studio set up, it consists of a ‘Motu-Ultralite MK3’ audio interface, Mini-Mac, ‘KRK Rokit 5’ and ‘M Audio Bx8a Deluxe’, Novation Launchpad. Other than percussion and some music instruments which keep on going in and out of the studio, I produce on Ableton Live 8 and usually use my own self-synthesized sounds, software’s inbuilt Sound banks and instruments racks.
3. Which music producers are you digging at the moment?
Well i’ve been listening to a lot of Hamilton, Fred V & Grafix, Teddy Killerz and Joe Ford to name a few. I feel their new stuff is really off the hook they just transpire you to a whole new world of bass music. Apart from this, I look up to Skrillex as he’s the inspiration which had me going. haha
4. What’s your ringtone?
 Not quite of ringtone type person, i prefer to keep it on vibration mode :p
5.You recently opened for Skream & Benga, what was that like? 
I couldn’t believe at first when i got to know that I’ll be opening for S & B, it was a career defining moment for me. The gig was hugely successful and brilliantly managed by Oji crew. Crowd response was totally amazing, i could see hordes of people loosing them-self on each drop. I can safely say that this was one of the best audiences i ever played for!

6. Finally, could you tell us a bit about what you are working on at the moment & any upcoming releases?

For now im on a holiday back home, spending some time with my folks. i am constantly working on improving my sounds and music production techniques while im at home, you can really look forward to splurge of new sounds coming from the Sound Avtar lab. Just to keep things in perspective i have a couple of Really BIG Remixes lined up which shall be revealed in coming months and few big colabs on the way too. So stay tuned. 😉
LISTEN to Sound Avtar’s latest release / free downloads HERE

Alarm Symphony (w/ MADOC Remix) is now out on BEATPORT – HERE

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Sanctum Music Conference Announced

Sanctum Music Conference is a series of events designed for professionals of the electronic music industry to adopt experience and share knowledge between Western Seniors and evolving Asian scene. Presented and hosted by Sanctum in association with The Inventory and Beatworx Studio the first event will take place on the Monday, 15th of July, 8:00 pm onwards, featuring famous DJ, producer and Kaato Music label owner – Björn Wilke from Germany.

Sanctum logo

Sanctum Music Conference will shift its focus from production technologies and techniques to highlight the surrounding network of businesses involved with restaurants, bars, clubs, nightlife and festivals, who are into event production. Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Festivals & Events Production, Record Labels, Booking Agencies and Studios are essential tools and platforms of connecting music with its audience.

On a foregoing Sunday, the day before the convention, Sanctum will premiere a ‘Kaato Music Night’ with an extra long set by Björn Wilke showcasing the best music from his exclusive portfolio. In support of the event Sanctum will also be releasing its first mixed CD compilation with exclusive rights from Kaato imprint.

Our own PRAVEEN ACHARY and AUDIO UNITS are 2 of the speakers on the various panels of the conference.

More Details HERE

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