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RESET Electronic Music Showcase Announced

It was a long time coming but it finally found its voice – a no-nonsense electronic dance music showcase of quality Indian talent. And it’s called RESET. A homebrewed celebration aimed to unleash the true might of good music, RESET will not only recalibrate perceptions but will also put the best indigenous DJ’s in the same room as upcoming local talent, thus becoming a collaborative journey.

Spread across various cities, each gathering will be unique in scope and international in vision. RESET hopes to pave the way for a more discerning way of experiencing left-field genres as well as intelligent dance music, enabling audiences to hear different sounds.

Be warned though that RESET is not a festival, it’s a celebration focussed on the artist and as such, is created from a more hands-on perspective that UnMute is known for. Bringing together top DJ’s from across India as well as finding young artists in each city that RESET goes to – we hope to spark off something big.

The first edition takes off in Hyderabad presented by Kingfisher Ultra Soulflyp in association with VH1 and Musifix on March 22, 2014 and will be followed soon by showcases in cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Goa to begin with. Held in partnership with Phoenix, a brand new events company, the launch event will be held at the main convention centre of the Leonia Holistic Destination, which also features a world class Funktion One sound system.


In another first, RESET will feature India’s hottest domestic electronic dance music talent playing b2b (back to back) sets. These sets will stem from previously successful as well as brand new collaborations, ensuring there’s something fresh for each edition by pitching similar thinking DJ’s together to create mad sounds.

The ‘b2b’ line-up for the first edition features the likes of Arjun Vagale v/s Adam, Anil Chawla v/s Kohra, Praveen Achary v/s Vipul, Murthovic v/s Audio Units and support from dynamic local Hyderabad talent handpicked from a DJ contest, Ankit Pandey, Huzefa, Midnight Traffic and DJ Nephra. Following a start early, end late philosophy – the event kicks off at 4pm and is on till the milkman comes calling.  Upcoming versions will continue to evolve with each city and include more varied genres and artists.

Leonia Convention

World renowned Techno powerhouse and Co-Founder of UnMute, Arjun Vagale adds, I’m so glad that we are able to put together RESET, and build a showcase for Indian artists playing in their own backyard with international production standards. It’s truly been a team effort right from conceptualisation to artwork to line-up and we hope to build it stronger, and eventually add more home-grown talent to the various line-ups”. 


Tickets ►

BookMyShow – http://in.bookmyshow.com/events/reset/ET00020760

INR 500 – For entry before 9pm
(the idea is for you to be able to see some great DJs who are playing the early slots too)

INR 1000 – For entry post 9pm

OFFLINE Tickets available below
Dublin Hyderabad
ITC Kakatiya, Greenlands Rd, Teachers Colony, Greenlands,
Begumpet, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500072
Contact: Chetan +91 8008927770

Behind Chutneys, SP Road,
Begumpet, Secunderabad
Contact: Raunak +91 9885456007

H. No 6-3-886, Beside Van Heusen Show Room,
Somajiguda Circle, Raj Bhavan Road,
Hyderabad 500 082, India.
Contact: Tel: +91 40 6640 4455, Fax: +91 40 6662 7744



Uber Luxury Cabs ►
– Download the UBER app from Apple Store / Android PlayStore
– Use promo RESETHYD and you get upto ₹ 500 off on your 1st 2 rides (anytime)
More Details – http://bit.ly/uberhyd



Accomodation Options ►

We’ve got some great deals for rooms, courtesy Leonia exclusively for #resetHYD and EACH room includes tickets to the show as well.

1. Celestia :
Bay Window : 6000 on double occupancy with breakfast
Cascade : 6500 on double occupancy with breakfast

2. LICEC : this is attached to the #resetHYD Venue : 3000 on double occupancy with breakfast

3. Budget Beds : Rs 500 per person dormitory accomodation

Pls find the below link to know more about the rooms..http://leonia.in/Hotels/HotelsAndVillas.aspx

For any enquiries contact:

Tel: +91 40 6640 0000
Email: stay@leonia.in


For any other details click http://bit.ly/resethyd

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Richie Hawtin INDIA TOUR 2013

Many in India might have heard the name Richie Hawtin.

The name is synonymous with Techno and arguably, dance music.

We at UnMute have always followed Hawtin and some of our artists (Arjun Vagale, Anil Chawla) have been supported by him too.

Now it’s time to experience the Minus head-honcho live on our own shores and Richie will be supported by UnMute artists on this tour.

Check out the flyer for details.


WATCH the wicked 60 minute Boiler Room Set below!

WATCH Video of Richie Hawtin playing Arjun Vagale’s She Said

WATCH Video of Richie Hawtin playing Anil Chawla’s Silver Digger

For the uninitiated, if you don’t know who Richie Hawtin is .. watch THIS.

BIG UP to submerge crew and Nikhil Chinapa for making this happen.

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*Out NOW* Collaborations EP

Collaborations, they say, are the future!

After a successful release of “She Said”,  Arjun Vagale teams up with Tim Richards a second time along with friends and long time collaborators Anil Chawla and Dale Anderson! The result is an aptly named COLLABORATIONS EP on Monique Speciale!

 Arjun Vagale, Anil Chawla and Dale Anderson

The EP contains 2 tracks:

1. Anil Chawla, Arjun Vagale and Dale Anderson – After 9

2. Arjun Vagale and Tim Richards – Dark Rooms

We speak to Anil, Arjun and Dale about their track After 9!

First off, congrats to the 3 of you for coming up which such a great track “After Nine” on
Monique Spéciale. Tell us more on how and where did this happen?

Arjun Vagale: Thanks! We were basically booked to play a gig together in Delhi, sometime last year… it wasan ‘Our House’ night, so I invited Anil & Dale to come in a day early so we could hang out in my studio and see if some magic could happen, and it did!

Dale Anderson: Well we had all been discussing doing something together for ages, but never
really were in the same city at the same time.


For the producers out there, can you tell us on how you guys managed to divide the Workflow
between 3 people? Define how each of you contributed!

Arjun: Ha ha, I think its more that Ideas came together, rather than dividing the work flow. It did take
us maybe 3 hrs to find a Kick drum, but the track just flowed after that and we pretty much finished it in a couple of hours. For me personally, I never get into the studio with a specific melody or groove, its always the vibe, and I think all three of us share that feeling that the vibe has to be correct.

Dale: Surprisingly we all gelled together from a production standpoint very easily. We’ve all done collabs before, and sometimes they work and and sometimes they dont, but luckily we were all on the same page from the start. From a technical perspective, since it was Arjun’s studio we thought we’d let him man the Abelton controls (we were actually just being lazy though probably haha). But we all contributed to the arrangement and automation, the instrumentation, the hooks and the mixing pretty equally I’d say, although Anil did manage to squeeze in a little of his own voice in there!


Were there any disagreements while making the track?

Arjun: Yeah, I was fighting on the phone with someone about Josh Wink!

Anil Chawla: Not at all… But when we ordered the pizza. That was a different matter!

Dale: Nope, not one. I think we’re all in the same headspace musically and we actually laughed about how quick and painless it was. We were thinking of trying to bang out one more post gig, but then the reality of the previous night’s gig hit us in the morning and we knew it was not going to happen…


Any future plans on making more tracks together?

Arjun: Yeah, this one was just a tester, but we will for sure do a full EP together. The only issue is, always, time. We all have super busy schedules, and we live in different city’s so that always tough. I would prefer do tracks with them physically present, rather than over the net, they’re just great guys to hang and work with.

Anil: Definitely, we’ve been talking about a follow up for a while, it’s just a matter of getting us all together at the same time.


Who’s your current favourite producer?

Arjun Vagale: This week … Christian Burkhardt, Atesh K, David Mayer

Anil Chawla: Sinisa Tamamovic, Alex Tepper, DJ Simi, Tony Dee, F.Sonik

Dale Anderson: Okain is up there for me, as well &Me and Alex Tepper.


What are your top 5 – NON Electronic Dance Music tracks ever?

Arjun: Unfortunately all I listen to, these days, is electronic music, and I try not to load any music on my
iphone. Need to give the ears a rest as much as possible! But check out Mr G’s album, its dope.


Ian Brown – F.E.A.R
Bag Raiders – Way Back Home
Stone Roses – I Wanna Be Adored
Chaka Khan – Aint Nobody
Michael Jackson – Man In The Mirror


Interstate Love Song – Stone Temple Pilot

Roads – Portishead

Foux Du Fafa – Flight of The Conchords

The Ocean – Led Zepplin

Nas – One Mic


COLLABORATIONS is now available exclusively via Beatport HERE!

Arjun Vagale, Anil Chawla and Dale Anderson are exclusively represented by UnMute in India!

Contact dev@unmute.in for more details!

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*OUT NOW* | Anil Chawla – Bells (+ Kaiserdisco Remix) [KD Music]

Anil Chawla is on a roll!

He’s newest release titled “Bells”  is out now on KD Music, the label owned by German Techno giants, Kaiserdisco who also feature on the EP on remix duties!

Out Now!

Here’s what the label had to say about the release:

Already Supported by: Luciano, Karotte, Mark & Nic Fanciulli, Slam, M.A.N.D.Y., Oxia, Christian Smith, Florian Meindl, Sasha, Shinedoe, Thomilla, Danny Serrano, SiS and many more.

Anil is a stunning artist and producer from India. His talent has been recognised in multiple global dance music awards, including a nomination for DJMags Best Breakthrough DJ of 2008 in their Best Of British Awards, a Mixmag Future Hero spot, and an award for Best Deep House Track (for Leftorium with Dale Anderson). He was also shortlisted for Radio 1s In New DJs We Trust roster, a post narrowly missed out on and currently occupied by the likes of Heidi, Alex Metric and Toddla T. With Bells he presents you an outstanding super catchy tech-house summer tune! The remix is made once again by the label owners them self. They added a little melody to it and taking the summer vide one step higher.


WE chat with the man himself … 

– Congratulations on such a great release on KD Music. Give us some insight on the Bells.

Thank you! I’ve been speaking to the Kaiserdisco guys for a while now,  and they do the A&R for another label, Takt, which I had a release on recently (Tandrum). We’ve stayed in touch about doing a release for them on their new imprint ‘KD Music’, and when I sent them ‘Bells’, they were really into it. To top it off, they decided to a remix of it themselves and put it out on vinyl, which was great! We’ve already scheduled a follow up for later in the year.
It’s been getting some really good early support too, with plays from Luciano, Nic Fanciulli, Slam, M.A.N.D.Y, Christian Smith, Karotte, so I’m really happy how it’s been going so far.
– What’s new in your studio setup?
It’s a never ending learning process, and I’m still learning a lot as I go along, so I try not to take on too much software as it takes a while to become comfortable, so right now I’m sticking to what I know. I’m spending a fair bit of building up my sample library right now and organising it (a never ending process), as that’s currently my greatest resource when it comes to production. When me and Dale (Anderson) first started producing together, we always used a lot of samples (from the Cubase/PC days), then when I moved onto logic and mac about 5-6 years ago, everything was programmed using the ESX24. Now I guess it’s gone full circle, as I’m mainly doing the house/techno stuff but in Ableton this time (at least for building up a track), as it’s the best for getting loops together to get a groove going.
– Mumbai or London?
1 year ago, Mumbai. Right now, I have to say London. It’s really sad to see what’s happening with the nightlife there. When I first came to Mumbai, there was a buzz in the air, and you could almost feel the anticipation of a movement just waiting to happen (with regards to dance music). Alas, the buzz is no more. It’s like the government wants to make India this massively enticing and appealing place and and give cities like Mumbai international city recognition, but at the same time, it’s stunting its own growth by putting these plain ridiculous and stupid laws out there. The ministers need shaking. Everyone knows what the state of politics is in India, but at least now, from what I can see, the youth culture are starting to take note, speak out, and I really hope it makes a difference, and with any luck, these are the next generation of open minded people that are going to be in charge of the country. I’ll be back in September, and I really really hope it can turn around, and also hope there’s something I can do to help.
– Who is your DJ Hero?
Laurent Garnier. I used to watch him play at The End in London, when he used to spin for 8 hours straight, and he would give the perfect master class. I consider it art. He would usually start off with sublime deep house/techno and progress into the more heavy stuff, then out of nowhere, you’d get a classic disco track, then back into the heads down techno. An hour later, you’d get 4 or 5 drum and bass tracks, and the whole night would be mixed up between house/techno/rock/disco/d&b, but everything done so well. Really, anyone could throw of music together but he’s the only DJ I’ve ever seen that’s able to mix genres like that, seamlessly.
– Your top 5 tracks of the moment?
1. Tony Dee – Break Down (Suara)
2. Anil Chawla – That’s More House (Maktub)
3. Sinisa Tamamovic – Tips And Tricks (1605)
4. James Dutton – Tesla – Reset Robot Remix (Alive Black)
5. Anil Chawla – Pondi – Uto Karem Remix (GU)
– What’s next for you in terms of releases etc?
Aside from Bells and the follow up scheduled for November, I have a 3 track EP coming out on Arjun Vagale‘s label, Maktub. I’ve been wanting to do stuff with Arjun for quite a while, but schedule’s didn’t really permit, but it’s good that we’ve finally managed to get a 3 tracker together. The tracks are That’s More House, Fruitcake, and Nada. That’s more house has been receiving a fair few plays from Richie Hawtin lately, which is always nice.
On the remix front, I’ve got 2 to do this summer whilst I’m back in London. One for Oliver Moldan on ‘Sounds R Us’ (a new subsidiary for Bonzai Records), and one for James Trystan on System Recordings. I’ve also got a stack of half finished tracks, which I need to finish off by the end of the summer.
That’s all solo stuff, but with regards to what myself and Dale have been doing. We’re actually working on a new album, but not really in the realms of techno! You’ll just have to wait and see…

Bells is NOW available on

VINYL – http://bit.ly/bellsVINYL // Decks.de

Beatport – http://www.beatport.com/release/bells/925975


LIKE – https://www.facebook.com/djanilchawla

Tweet – https://twitter.com/AnilChawla6

Contact – dev@unmute.in

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