Sanctum Music Conference Announced

Sanctum Music Conference is a series of events designed for professionals of the electronic music industry to adopt experience and share knowledge between Western Seniors and evolving Asian scene. Presented and hosted by Sanctum in association with The Inventory and Beatworx Studio the first event will take place on the Monday, 15th of July, 8:00 pm onwards, featuring famous DJ, producer and Kaato Music label owner – Björn Wilke from Germany.

Sanctum logo

Sanctum Music Conference will shift its focus from production technologies and techniques to highlight the surrounding network of businesses involved with restaurants, bars, clubs, nightlife and festivals, who are into event production. Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Festivals & Events Production, Record Labels, Booking Agencies and Studios are essential tools and platforms of connecting music with its audience.

On a foregoing Sunday, the day before the convention, Sanctum will premiere a ‘Kaato Music Night’ with an extra long set by Björn Wilke showcasing the best music from his exclusive portfolio. In support of the event Sanctum will also be releasing its first mixed CD compilation with exclusive rights from Kaato imprint.

Our own PRAVEEN ACHARY and AUDIO UNITS are 2 of the speakers on the various panels of the conference.

More Details HERE

Praveen AcharyAu_2012


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