*OUT NOW* | Kohra – Dust Particle EP [Qilla]

KOHRA has been making headlines lately all over the Indian Electronic Dance Music circuit!

Securing the NUMBER 3 spot on the inaugural DJ MAG INDIA Top 10 (Industry poll), he has even come out with his own iphone and android app, courtesy SnapLion. Read more about that from this post HERE via the good people at WildCity !


We speak to the man himself about his latest release – DUST PARTICLE EP !

1. Congratulations on your splendid release EP “Dust Particle” on Qilla Records!  Tell us more about this release and your association with Jitter/Jayant and the Cactus twisters?

A. Thanks! So basically the EP features my latest production “Dust Particle” which I have specially made for Qilla.

The label’s philosophy is a lot about crossover music that spans over multiple genres, always keeping it fresh and interesting from the usual category of dance music that’s out there.

As far as the remixes go, I asked Jayant (Jitter), because our musical understanding and styles are quite similar and I respect his productions a lot. Besides, he’s one of my oldest friends!

The release also features a remix from “Cactus Twisters” who are a great upcoming duo from Belgium and have fast become good friends of mine. Our label supports their music a lot!


2. What’s in store for the future in terms of your releases and plans for Qilla?

The future stores some very interesting and versatile releases from the label out of which I’d like to mention the two that I am most excited about.

The BLOT! album, which spans over so many amazing styles of electronic music and is far ahead of it’s times. The album would work in a club as well as it would in your car on a lazy Sunday. Splendid.

The second is the Jitter / Jayant Luthra artist album. All I cay say is that you’d better be prepared for an hour of the most futuristic dance music that’s out there!!

Apart from these, will be our timely EP releases that cater to the open-minded and forward thinking Dj’s out there.


3. There’s also a free download on the EP?

The official release features 2 remixes and the original, but we have an unofficial free download by Nikroma – who is a crossover tech-trance producer from San Diego, USA.

He had been asking me to remix one of my tracks for a while and I sent over the parts, we really liked what he had done and decided to give it out for free as part of our 10th release! You can download it HERE !


4. Your Fav VST-Plugin at the moment?

A. Well, there are so many but I’m really enjoying using the Arturia ARP2600 currently. It’s not really a new plug-in but I’m kind of rediscovering it’s possibilities and it’s pretty wicked!


5. What’s your current studio setup? Give us a sneak-peak!

L-R Mackie ProFX12, Akai MPK49, MiniMoog Voyager, YamahaHS80’s, Dave Smith Mopho, Motu828MK3, NovationRemoteZeroSL, Korg-Micro, iPad, Korg Monotron and a MacPro running Cubase/Ableton.


6. Your Top 5 tracks at the moment?

Matador – Klay

Blot – Spacedust

Kohra – Dust Particle

Cactus Twisters – Mumb

Jitter – Anxious Awakening


DUST PARTICLE is NOW available on Beatport!


LIKE – https://www.facebook.com/kohra.in

Tweet – https://twitter.com/Kohra_Qilla

Contact – dev@unmute.in


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