Renegade Masters

Techno bosses were seen taking over newer spaces @ SONAR 2012! It’s in stark contrast to our little scene in India, where cops are taking over (and shutting down) the entire city’s nightlife scene!

We’ve collated a few videos of Luciano, Adam Beyer and Richie Hawtin doing their thing at unusual spaces…have a look:

Cadenza Boss, LUCIANO’s Vagabundos take over a Train station in Barcelona!

Drumcode DJ Cook Off featuring ADAM BEYER, Paco Osuna, Joseph Capriati, Paul Ritch + more!


Hopefully we’ll have some of this happening in India in some time!

Also our next big VLOG features Kohra interviewing GUY J! 

Till then, adios

Dev B !

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One thought on “Renegade Masters

  1. Well i was there for a few parties at Sonar this year and was at one of the three parties mentioned above. and a few others in some other crazy venues. India does not need to be this liberal but at least open to the idea of liberty to enjoy ones self how they want to. At least leave the clubs open & that’s enough. The way i see it going over the past few years is backward into a military state. What has happened to our freedoms?

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